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July 4, 2024

Tailored legal services for Ottawa’s entrepreneurs 

In Canada, the best way to create long-term prosperity and security for yourself and your family is to build your own business. For Andrej Litvinjenko, TAAG Law’s founder and Managing Director, this drive puts him in the same shoes as the firm’s clients who are business owners themselves. 

Like any entrepreneur, Andrej wanted to bring something new to the market, something he styles as “entrepreneur law”. The individual is the only constant: they create and exit businesses, and acquire and sell assets. Instead of always focusing on the entrepreneur at the centre, law firms are typically reactive to the client’s problems, when and if they learn about them. And that’s assuming they even practice in all the key legal areas. 

Andrej has instead fixated TAAG Law on serving the entrepreneur at the personal level. Every new client relationship begins with seeking to understand motivations, visions, strengths, and risk appetite. This enables Andrej and his team to bypass “boilerplate” approaches and instead deliver tailored advice and strategies that reinforce the client’s explicit objectives and align with their priorities. 

The TAAG Law shop practices in all key areas an entrepreneur needs either on their personal or business side: corporate, commercial, intellectual property, wills & estate, employment, real estate, and dispute settlement. Whether launching a new brand, selling your business while minimizing taxes, or restructuring your personal holdings, TAAG Law delivers a nimble and comprehensive approach. 

Responsive, practical and proactive legal advisors 

Customer service is paramount for Andrej, who regards himself “as an entrepreneur first and a lawyer second”. He elaborates, “getting the right answer is meaningless if it takes days to acknowledge an email, weeks between updates, or the client being the one pushing the file forward.” Putting the client first starts with accessibility: every TAAG Law client enjoys 7-days a week access to their legal advisors. No gatekeeping assistants: calls are returned, emails are acknowledged. 

When it comes to the actual legal advice, TAAG Law offers flat rate pricing for most key services, enabling deeper discussions and encouraging revisions to develop genuinely tailored products. Specifically, solutions that are practical and appropriate for the circumstances and that the client has been able to ask probing questions about until they feel fully informed about what is being done and why. 

“If we do our job right,” Andrej notes, “you will not come back to us with that problem again, because you have been empowered to solve it yourself. Your business will grow, and you are going to bring us new problems—which makes our business grow.” 

Integrated professional services save time and money 

Although TAAG Law is its own firm, it operates within the broader framework of the TAAG Professional Services brand, which includes accounting , marketing & design, and family office for established families.  Andrej describes it as an “à la carte menu.” Clients may work with just TAAG Law or just accounting or any combination of TAAG services. 

By bringing all these key professional services entrepreneurs need under the same roof, TAAG clients are able to save time and money. For example, when Andrej needs to discuss a tax issue with a client’s accountant, it often means days if not weeks of delays. But when the client works with both TAAG Law and TAAG Accounting, the advice he needs is mere metres away. This enables TAAG Law to rapidly resolve complex risks and drive projects forward. As entrepreneurs know well, speed means momentum; momentum means growth. 

Building a business to build a community 

TAAG Law’s impact extends beyond individual businesses and radiates into the community. “By helping individuals grow their businesses, they can better invest in their families, friends and communities. They create jobs and support local initiatives. Ultimately, this creates an Ottawa that is more dynamic, self-sustaining, and primed for synergies that lead to even further social innovation and growth. Everyone knows SME businesses are the quality jobs backbone of Canada—there is no better way to support your community than ensuring your local businesses thrive,” says Andrej. 

Capital gains changes: A smart time to consult your legal advisor 

As the federal government announced significant changes to increase capital gains, especially business owners,, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to schedule time with their lawyers and accountants to ensure they are as prepared as possible. This may mean doing strategic rollovers of assets, especially shares, into proper structures, including trusts. These changes, set to take effect on June 25, 2024, will have profound implications for Canadian business owners. 

TAAG Law ensures clients are well-prepared to navigate these changes. For expert guidance on capital gains changes and comprehensive legal support for your business, please contact TAAG Law by calling 613-234-6006 or visit:

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