Case Study:
Capital Raise

November 1, 2023

A client required capital for their biofuel project. They had a proprietary and trade secreted process and the CEO required assistance with launching the company; obtaining investment from the government and private investors and building power plants through the province and exploring fuel. They had perfected and had their product independently tested and verified. The biofuel was in line with the burning characteristics of Coal, without the negative environmental impact and acted as a drop in replacement for Coal, Wood Pellets or Torrecation.

The result of the engagement:

Proprietary process was vetted by EU company specializing in green energy power;

Obtained Government of Canada’s Scientific Research and Development program for refundable tax credits of 41%;

Investments secured through Power Purchase Agreements;

Raised $40 million CAN;

Licensing Agreement put in place; 'Licensing Agreement put in place;

Importing Agreement in place for fuel to South East Asia.

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