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Purpose-Driven, Client-Centric Marketing and Design Solutions in Ottawa

Our established, award-winning Marketing and Design Ottawa team has over 35 years of legacy agency experience delivering a range of high-calibre services and products to advance, accelerate and realize your marketing and strategic communications initiatives.

We bring a wide breadth and depth of client and project experience, serving clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors across Canada.

Whether you’re seeking insightful marketing and brand strategies, brand building, creative content and original design, integrated print and digital products, or digital outreach campaigns—we’ll assemble a world-class team to deliver strategic solutions that meet your exact needs.

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Understanding Ottawa's Brand Landscape

Our Marketing and Design Ottawa team promotes the National Capital Region with every project that supports its programs, bolsters its businesses and tells its stories with world-class design.

Whether you need help advancing your project, accelerating its timeline or shaping its outcome, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Connecting with Ottawa Consumers

We’ll help you engage with clients and consumers in Ottawa and worldwide through authentic connection, strategic solutions and targeted campaigns across multiple platforms.

Our Approach to Marketing and Design in Ottawa

Our team crafts insightful digital strategies that align with your goals, drive success and deliver results. We prioritize building collaborative client relationships so we can fully understand your objectives and needs. This enables us to recommend strategic solutions and flow through the creative process to deliver the best possible outcomes.

After exploring and validating your requirements, we’ll recommend the services needed to achieve your vision. This iterative approach ensures that we shape solutions that resonate with your brand.
  1. Exploration and Discovery
    In this exciting first step, we dive into understanding your organization, brand and market dynamics. Together, we immerse ourselves in inquiry, research and analysis to craft strategic recommendations and chart a clear course of action.
  2. Navigation and Flow
    This is when the best ideas take shape. Our team gathers to brainstorm and ideate, synergizing the talents of graphic designers, content strategists and creators. During this collaborative process, we create concepts for your review and feedback and work together to iterate the final product.
  3. Destination
    At the end of the process, we will deliver solutions that authentically reflect your brand. This convergence embodies the synthesis of your vision with our marketing and design expertise resulting in an impactful outcome.

Our Marketing + Design services include:

Strategy for Ottawa Businesses

Success begins with a blueprint—one that embodies the fine balance between relevant and realistic, yet innovative and aspirational. Through years of experience, we’ve honed our ability to develop strategies and plans that enable clients to achieve their targets. After gaining a deep understanding of your organization’s objectives, we’ll craft insightful marketing, communications, brand and digital strategies that deliver results.

Brand Identity for Ottawa Clients

Are you ready to discover your brand’s true nature? Our brand identity, brand building and brand refresh services are based on your organization’s core identity constructs.

If you’re just beginning the process, we’ll start by exploring the essence of your organization to inform the design of your brand elements, including logo design, corporate colours and voice. If you’re farther along in your process, we’ll provide visual identity refresh and branding solutions to update your look and feel. For clients launching new programs and products, ask about our brand-building services!

Content Creation for Ottawa Audiences

Our team of content strategists and writers provide a full range of content development services, including branded narrative, storytelling, copywriting, SEO services, editing and translation. Clients come to us to refine core messaging and positioning, craft compelling content and create taglines that support evolving brand identities.

Our expertise lies in plain language—distilling complex and verbose material into concise content that’s easy to understand. We’ll ensure the important information stays intact and has room to shine.

Design Excellence in Ottawa

We deliver some of the finest graphic design Ottawa has to offer—and a whole lot more! The TAAG Marketing and Design Ottawa team’s skillful graphic designers work closely with our brand and content strategists to produce a wide variety of integrated products, across print, web, video, digital and social media communications. We support clients through all stages of the design process—from concept through to layout.

Digital Marketing for Ottawa Businesses

We provide a full range of digital marketing services to boost your brand’s online visibility. Our services encompass managing Paid Ads (PPC) across multiple platforms and fine-tuning campaigns for optimal ROI. We also specialize in improving SEO to improve search rankings, increase organic traffic and elevate your website’s visibility. Our Social Media Management services enhance customer engagement and loyalty, while our expert content development and compelling digital design help tell your brand story. Through our extensive network, you’ll gain access to digital PR opportunities and influencer connections to amplify your brand awareness and credibility.

Niche Publishing Opportunities in Ottawa

If you’d like to publish a book, magazine or report, our Marketing and Design Ottawa team will work with you to craft a finished product that perfectly reflects your vision and goals—seamlessly integrating text, imagery and graphic elements. Our Direct Marketing team will help promote and sell custom-sponsored content and traditional ads to support revenue generation for niche print and digital magazines.

Our portfolio showcases a variety of publications, from beautiful hard-cover coffee table books to scholarly textbooks and paperback autobiographies—including several chronicles and stories from Canada’s Indigenous culture.

TAAG is proud to co-publish two prominent magazines:
  • Insights Magazine: Co-published with BioteCANADA, this magazine highlights Canada’s pharmaceutical and life sciences sector.

  • CAPITAL: Co-published with the Ottawa Board of Trade, this glossy magazine reports on Ottawa’s economic development and growth.

Are you an Ottawa business owner with a story to share? Visit and learn how to get published on the CAPITAL print and digital media platform.

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