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TAAG was founded on the belief that small businesses are the anchors of our economy and the pillars of our society. We believe in their impact and potential, and we know their challenges and successes firsthand — we began as a small business ourselves.
Our CEO and Founder, Andrew Abraham is a Canadian entrepreneur and accountant. He was raised by a family of entrepreneurs and has always had a passion for small business and family. He grew to understand the value of a good accountant — he saw how they could analyze numbers to bring clarity and confidence to businesses and their owners.

When he began his career, he found his true calling by connecting to his upbringing. He partnered with small businesses to help them thrive and prosper. It was energizing. It became his passion. It inspired him to found TAAG (The Andrew Abraham Group).

As such, he is now regarded as a respected business leader of various business ventures and a prominent member of the community. He has extensive experience developing unusual and innovative business models for both existing and new start-up companies.

With his expertise in Corporate finance and taxation, he also serves as a Director for numerous organizations and has been involved with raising debt and equity for both private and public companies.

Andrew’s passion became our passion. We partner with business owners to leverage the numbers to give you more freedom.

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Having experienced the value of family legacy himself, Andrew saw that there was a definite need for a trusted partner to assist business owners in the management of their assets in order to inspire ongoing, generational prosperity. In response to this important need, TAAG was established, and Multi-Family Office services were added to our core accounting and tax offerings — even more ways we help our clients achieve everlasting prosperity. The legacy lives on.
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Our goal is to leave a legacy of prosperous businesses in Ottawa and beyond. Prosperity is about profits and financial health, sure. But it’s also about full hearts, healthy relationships, vibrant communities, and lives lived to the fullest. Prosperity is success, hope, and happiness.

Our Caring Team of Experts

At TAAG, the numbers are secondary to the person sitting in front of us or on the other side of the phone. Every single one of us takes ownership of what we do for each other and for clients. Our team provides a warm environment for clients and solves problems collaboratively. We treat everyone with friendliness and care.

We take businesses from surviving to thriving.

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