The Prosperity Stories: Added Touch Cleaning Solutions

March 8, 2023

Meet Michelle and Shannon, owners of Added Touch Cleaning Solutions. We spoke with them to ask about their industry and the things that give them the Added Touch!

Q What made you decide to go into business?

We both worked as cleaners individually for 10 years. We met in May 2021. Both being mothers to three children and having a resume full of cleaning positions, we came to find we had a lot in common! We were so impressed with each others’ perfectionist style and pride in jobs when it came to professional cleaning, that we decided to embark on the journey of creating an Added Touch to the industry.

Q What sets Added Touch Cleaning Solutions apart from other cleaning services?

Just as the name sounds, the “added touches.” We believe going the extra mile with all the extra attention to detail is what sets us apart from other cleaning services. 

Q What kinds of skills do business owners need in your industry?

A business owner must possess many different skills in our industry such as leadership, time management, flexibility, and strong communication skills. We communicate with clients and staff daily and that’s where flexibility comes in. We must make last-minute changes with scheduling etc. and communicate that with our staff. 

Q How can your services make a difference in your clients’ lives? 

We believe that our services make a huge difference in our clients’ lives. Cleaning is directly impacted by mental and physical health. Having a clean home allows our clients to have more time to do other things, like spending more time with their families and enjoying being in their homes.

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