The Prosperity Stories: Reno-Tile Ltd.

January 20, 2022

The Prosperity Stories is our way to profile the different businesses we’re partnered with, to share their stories and how they are able to live a more prosperous Life. Beyond numbers.™

This year for Get to Know Your Clients Day we spoke with Frank Zucco of Reno-Tile Ltd. We asked him a few questions to get to know him and his business better.

Q What is your favourite part of being a small business owner?

The thing I love the most is being involved in my client’s projects from beginning to end, and being a trusted resource for them, being hands-on, there are no levels of management to go through to help them, it’s all me! I enjoy helping from the design stage to the final product. My schedule is in my hands, which is another thing I enjoy, So I can control my time.

Q What was your first job, and how has it influenced you?

All I remember vividly from that time was working out of my small car, I don't know how I got all my tools in and out every day, but it taught me organization, cleanliness (It was the family car too!), and appreciation. Today, I have a truck, loads more room, but I still stay organized, I keep it clean, and carry that attitude onto the job site, and I always appreciate whatever work I get. People took a chance on a young guy 2 decades ago to tile their house, or put down flooring, out of a car, I appreciate that trust people put in me and pay it back by doing my best for them. .

Q What style of flooring would you choose for your own space, and why?

I love the look and feel of a beautiful tile floor, but in some areas of the home, for practicality, I’ve installed some great LVT -Luxury vinyl tile products. There are so many out now that are easy to clean, maintain, are waterproof, and are very durable.   

You can see Frank’s talented work by visiting the Reno-Tile Instagram Page.

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