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Invest your time in what matters most to you.

Too often, the professionals who act on a client’s behalf, such as accountants, insurers, lawyers, and real estate agents work in isolation, with different tools and different visions. 

As financial advisors with over a century of combined experience helping high-net-worth families, we understand the complexities involved in maintaining the truly prosperous life you want.
Less than 1% of families with a net worth between $5 and $50 million have a written plan that outlines short, medium, and long-term goals—a plan to guide their crucial financial decisions. Moreover, very few firms can offer the spectrum of sophisticated services necessary to produce and manage such a plan on behalf of families.

This challenge prompted TAAG to open a Multi-Family Office. It’s an exciting and rare offering that promises full-service wealth advisory to high-net-worth families. With our trusted advisors by your side, wholly focused on managing and protecting your family’s legacy, you can invest your time in what matters most to you.

Our Family Office service includes:


Vision planning

What is your vision as a family and as an individual? What are your goals, and how will you reach them? How do your wealth, estate, and risk-management strategies work together to achieve your goals? We help you craft a clear vision that empowers you to mitigate risk and make the best decisions for your family business.

Wealth and risk management

Are your assets as safe as they could be? Do they serve or hinder your goals? Who is managing them, and how? Is tax management at the centre of all of your decision-making? We analyze, rationalize, and protect your assets.

Insurance, tax, and financial advice

From our analysis of thousands of high-net-worth families, 98% have overlooked tax savings, which has resulted in millions of dollars in both lost-opportunity costs and unnecessary fees. Are you entitled to tax savings that you are not benefitting from? Do your insurance policies need revision or renegotiation? We take a proactive approach to tax planning, insurance policies, and financial planning to help you save money and mitigate risk at all times.

Corporate optimization

We help you navigate the many complex structures and systems in their businesses. Our advisors journey with you to ensure that all of the logistics involved in operating a prosperous and efficient business are considered and implemented effectively.

Generational prosperity and wealth transfer

Your family wealth is a sacred trust that must be carefully stewarded for the continued benefit of future generations. We prepare your family with the knowledge and outlook necessary to preserve your family legacy for generations to come.

Giving and charity guidance

You can count on us for advice and assistance with charitable giving. Whether you want to explore efficient giving to an existing charity or plan to establish your own charitable trust, our advisors will guide you as you grow your family legacy within your community.

Concierge service

Do you have your sights set on the sale or acquisition of a business? Do you need assistance with a child’s enrolment into university? Do you want help curating the ultimate family vacation? If we can assist in any aspect of your life, whether business or personal, just ask. We are here for you.

We understand the value of priceless time, and we know how important it is to live Life. Beyond numbers.™ Learn about our 
Multi-Family Office services. Reclaim your time. Achieve 
everlasting prosperity.

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